Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal Marketing is for Every Season

With Black Friday approaching, many businesses are prepared for increased sales with the busiest retail seasons of the year.  Every season has its own benefits and drawbacks.  If not a retail business, this season may be important, but for an entirely different reason. Seasonal marketing should be a part of every marketing plan.

Whenever looking at marketing our business we need to develop a plan. We must establish who our customers are, why they want us, and when they are most likely to buy our product or service.  By studying customer’s behaviors and desires we can provide the services and products they desire. We can also gain quality referrals for our company’s brand.

Seasonal marketing requires a level of creativity and forward thinking to maximize results of our investment and efforts.  Every season has its own feel, theme and need.  Here are some questions to ask about our business to begin to come up with some ways to market for any season.

Questions For Discovery

Does our business provide a seasonal service (is it dependent on weather)?

Do our clients tend to purchase my product/service during certain months, or can they utilize our business in any season?

Do our clients tend to plan for using our product/service or is my product/service a spur of the moment decision?

What benefit can we bring our clients through seasons where they would not normally utilize our business?

What elements of our business should potential clients be aware of when planning to use our business?

Are there key benefits to working with our company that we need to raise public awareness?

Depending on those answers we can begin to create new ways to reach markets that have been either untapped (don’t know about you) or remind former clients of our company’s products and services.  When we develop a seasonal marketing path, we can integrate it into our overall marketing plan for the business.  New ideas, when implemented will allow us to market in every season to increase sales, and increase influence in our target market.

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