What’s trending in web design for 2017?

What’s trending in web design for 2017?

When you start out on the journey of developing a website, there are several things that you’ll find yourself considering. What theme should I choose? How do I want the lay out to look? What do I really want my site to showcase about myself, business, organization, etc? These are valid questions for web design. We all want sites to stand out and help build business and increase revenue. Here are some trends in website design so your site gives a good user experience.

Easy Readability

Site viewers need easy-to-read content. That means that content needs to be presented so the reader can absorb information easily.  The site should be without visual noise to distract from the main message. According to John Moore Williams in his blog post titled 18 Web Trends for 2017, “it’s going back to a more minimalistic layout that makes the content stand out.”

Better collaboration

In the same article, John Moore Williams also said that in 2017 collaboration between designers and developers, would improve. There has been an increase of apps and websites built to help businesses increase communication.  Internally, the company can track jobs, assignments, and hours. With apps like Asana, companies leverage web based collaborations.  Employers can state the job to get done, communicate with one another, ask questions or receive updates.  This helps keep the project on track and confirm the job completed all within one program.

Bigger, Bolder Type, Brighter colors and unique layouts

I know this appears to contradict the very first trend, but it actually helps it. If you have bigger, bolder type on a color scheme, the type pops out.  The reader can more clearly see what your content is with the contrast.  If you have content framed within a unique engaging layout, the reader’s eye is drawn to what you want them to ‘hear’. When they get your message, job well done. Williams also highlights that the web design is going back to more of a focus on graphic design.

Increased usability of technical advancements

From virtual reality and 360 videos to intuitive forms and improved web app functionality, web design is incorporating it all into creating websites that are more user-friendly for both the reader and the owner. Per Tomas Laurinavcius from Forbes Magazine, though VR hasn’t made a huge impact on the web design world so far, it can be expected to.

Intuitive forms, according to Laurinavcius, help streamline a business online process by allowing them to gather data more effectively and in the long run, make more money. He also touches on how improved web app functionality is easier to use on all fronts, development, deployment, and maintenance.


This year, an increase of card design and grid layouts can be expected as well as the continued trend of the use of high-quality authentic photography (Laurinavcius, Forbes.com).  Usersnap.com also supports, as well as Laurinavcius and Williams, an increase in the use of gifs and more animation. Usersnap.com forecasts that long scrolling sites will increase.


This year, so far, has been exciting to see the advancements in web design. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the expected trends for this year. It’s a starting point of getting on the cutting edge of what’s new in our industry.

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