Holiday Marketing

With the holiday season fast approaching, getting your name, brand, and company out to the masses is critical.  Your business needs something to set it apart and garner the attention of potential clients and customers.  Here are a few things you can try your hand at that may help set you apart in Holiday Marketing.

Get Emotional

Everyone remembers the 2014 Budweiser ad with the yellow lab puppy that goes to explore the world only to come back to his best friend, the Clydesdale. This ad was effective in that it made millions cry into their beers, then go out and buy more beers. Budweiser leveraged everyday American’s emotions and sold more beer than they had previously. You can do the same thing for your company. Whether you choose to go with laughter or tear-jerking, people remember what they feel and who inspired that emotion.  Make sure your emotional inspiration is appropriate for a broad audience.  We all know puppies have nothing to do with beer.

Make Holiday Marketing Easy has an article on “6 Ways to be Successful at Marketing for the Holidays“.  One of their top 6 musts of successful holiday marketing is to make your campaign is easy to share on social media.  They suggest adding social media icons to your email and make your products, site, and information easily shared with the click of a button.

Focus on SEO has an article on “Holiday Marketing Campaigns” and this was numero uno on their list. More often than not, people Google what they want. You want to be on the first page of whatever it is you do. People often don’t go to page two. Being on the first search page is key to banking in on this one. This requires good optimization of your content readability and image indexing.  It may mean investing a few dollars to make sure that you are hitting page one.

Be Early

In that same article, advises being early. The earlier you are to the game, the more you are ahead of your competition. Plan earlier for Black Friday specials (if you’re in retail) and plan early for service packages. In this, the early bird catches the worm.

Facebook is Your Friend

I already mentioned social media above, but it bears being mentioned again. Many people have Facebook business pages. If you have one, share what you have going on it. recommends that since Facebook is a visual platform, to make your post grab attention visually by using bright pictures, amusing gifs, or eye-catching phrases.  Remember that not all of your posts have to be product-centered, but elicit an emotion.

This holiday season, you can make a lasting impression on your business by applying a few if not all of these ideas. There are many more ideas out there. These are a few to get you started and just to get your feet wet. Having a business, whether big or small is a consuming. Using some of these ideas will help you do less work and earn more.

May your Christmas season be blessed!