Remember Your First Love

heartWhen I think of Valentines Day I think of love and passion.  Usually that is held for a person but in business this can translate into how your feel about your company or the work that you do.

Do you still love your business or does it feel like you are just friends? Hopefully you are not to the extreme of sending a Dear John letter.  However, if you are here are some things to think about.

Think back to when you were first thinking about your company.  Before you had to put together a business plan or estimates on costs.  Remember when you first had the idea.  That was the spark.  There was a connection that happened between your heart and brain that made you both excited and scared about what you were about to do.  Deep down you felt the freedom to be your own boss and bring something forth from you to the world.  That is the memory you need to hold onto.

Take time and remember why you do what you do.  Take five minutes out of your day just to reminisce about your first love.  Maybe make a list of why you started this business.  Write down all of the things you love about you business.  Keep your list positive.  After 5 minutes read over what you wrote down. This little investment of time will make all of the difference in the world.

Once you rekindle that love then you can approach your business in a different way.  Your mind will be clear and you will start to think outside of the box.  Instead of seeing obstacles in your way you will see paths around them.