Simple is Better

Time is important, so the simpler it is to update your process, plan and material, the better. 

Automating What's Important

So many marketing plans fail due to the lack of systems that keep the ball rolling while the business owner or manager is swamped. Let us help you setup fail safes for success.

We help small businesses and content creators grow. 
We empower business by design.

Align Your Voice

We will help you discover what gives you that special edge over the competition. How you market, and what you do in business has to reflect your core values and align with the dreams you have for your life, your family and your business.

When you discover what drives your passions and can align your business with those passions, you will see more opportunities and growth happen naturally.  You will also increase sales as your authenticity and thoughtfulness will create higher retention and loyalty with clients, customers, and consumers.


podcast, media center

Sandpoint Marketing and Envsion Media Center

Located in the second floor inside the Community Resource Envision Center.  Take a right as you walk into the offices, and we are the first double door against the wall.  

Envision Media Center


Podcast Creation

Audio Recording

Video Recording

Live Streaming



Record Lessons

Create Webinars

Online Training


Record Lessons

Create Webinars

Online Training

Sandpoint Marketing Recording Studio and Production Equipment
Sandpoint Marketing Podcast Recording Studio
Sandpoint Marketing Recording Studio Video and Audio Equipment
Sandpoint Marketing Recording Studio Couch

We’ve Got You Covered

Studio, Ad and Print Marketing Prices

*Non-Profit Pricing (15% discount)


Studio Rental:           $35/hr        *$30/hr

Video Recording:    $50/hr       *$43/hr

Audio Recording:   $35/hr       *$30/hr

Podcast Setup for Distribution on all Platforms: $300        *$255

Editing and Publishing Podcasts: $40/hr    *$34/hr

Ad Management

Online Ad Campaigns:  $100/wk+            *$85/wk+

Ad Development (Graphics and Content):  $65/hr+              *$55/hr+

Ad Development (Video): $75/hr+              *$64/hr+

Print Development

Graphic Design: $40/hr

Printing: Cost plus 10%


Online and Marketing Development Prices

*Non-Profit Pricing (15% discount)

Online Services

Single Page Website: $800+      *$680+

Online Store/Directory/Database Site: $2400+    *$2040+

Domain Names: Cost

Hosting with unlimited email addresses, security, updates and more: $25/mo.  *$21/mo.

Marketing Development

Marketing Plans (Business, Socials, etc.): $1,500+       *$1,275+

Branding Development: $400+    *$340+

Simple Logo Creation: $400+    *$340+

Podcast Development of Concept, Branding, etc.: $350    *$298

Develop Social Media Strategy: $500     *$425

User Experience Audit: $500    *$425



  • Websites that are professional, engaging, and informational in nature
  • Graphics, print material, social media images, videos, and presentations
  • Branding: images, icon, colors, and fonts for your brand
  • Brochures and flyers that get your information into peoples’ hands


  • Website SEO: get your site noticed by Search Engines
  • Social Media: developing a strategy that works for you
  • Print: deliver cards and other promotional material to your door


  • Business Organization Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans

We’ll Help You Get it Done

Don’t have time to setup your server, website and social media?
Let us get your systems in place, establish healthy routines and train you and your staff on making the best of your online presence.  We make sure that you have complete peace of mind when you implement your growth and marketing strategies.

Have Questions?

To schedule a consultation or find out how we can help in your situation, contact:

Chris Bassett - CEO
(208) 290-0305
PO Box 411
Sandpoint, ID 83864


Other Services

  • Podcast Development
  • Social Media Audits
  • User Experience (UX) Audits
  • Hosting: managing your server and email needs