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As a small business owner, I don’t have the time or energy to double-check or second-guess my professional services providers.  When I ask Sandpoint Marketing to do something, I know it will get done right.  They have made significant improvements to our marketing efforts and are a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Sandpoint Marketing.

– Joni Toenjes, President, Chemo Ready Set Go.

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Check out what we've been working on

Talus Rock Retreat

Talus Rock Retreat

Site showcasing this majestic local Bed and Breakfast.

A central place for Bonner County churches events and articles.

Chemotherapy apparel and gift items.
Hidden Valley Worship Center

Hidden Valley Worship Center

Visually heavy site that promotes church events and provides information integrated with Google Calendars.
Larson's Good Clothes

Larson's Good Clothes

Larson's is a local landmark store in Sandpoint Idaho, and their site gives you lists of products and services available to the public.
Green Mountain Medicine

Green Mountain Medicine

Informational site with different form integration for Medical Practice.
Mt. Baldy Dental

Mt. Baldy Dental

Local Dentist office informational site with a tour of its interior.
North Idaho Spine Clinic

North Idaho Spine Clinic

Dr. Will Mihin's chiropractic practice in Sandpoint, ID.
Diedrich Roasters

Diedrich Roasters

Diedrich Roasters provides superior coffee roasters with programming options for the perfect roast every timel.
Bonner County Canopy of Prayer

Bonner County Canopy of Prayer

Praying for life changing impact

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Chris Bassett

Chris Bassett

Visionary Catalyst

As owner and CEO Chris is passionate about the success of every small business and knows that the heartbeat of North Idaho is in our ability to do great things, right here at home! Find your dream and let’s make it happen!

Nick Phillips

Nick Phillips

Systems Guru

As owner and COO, Nick is committed to making sure that the systems and processes for daily tasks and future planning are all laid out well with no stone unturned. Nick always asks the right questions to bring success.

Sandpoint Marketing has helped us grow our organization and create opportunities for reaching our community that are fruitful and productive. 

– Satisfied Client

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Our latest posts and rants


Inspire Your Staff

Inspire your staff (despite of how you feel)

The other day I came to work and was pretty quiet.  At first I thought I could get through the day without anyone bugging me but then the questions started; “Are you upset?  Are you in a bad mood?”  At the time, I was concerned because of a personal issue in my life.  I felt that I was justified given my situation and in my head I thought it was ok to have a down day because I deserved it.  I did not think about how it would affect my staff.

We all have had days where we just do not want to be at work.  Maybe we have some family issues or are just plain tired.  No matter what you are going through or how you feel when you show up you can still choose your attitude.  Your presence should inspire your staff not bring them down.  Remember that you are not just marketing to just acquire new customers but you are also marketing yourself to your staff.  Your own brand of management helps cultivate your work cluture.


Take a few minutes and focus on the task at hand.  Your situation will not change by worrying so focus on what you need to do.  If you cannot separate yourself from your problems than see if you can work from home or take a day off.  If you cannot separate yourself from your behavior then separate yourself from work.

Ask questions

Find out how everyone else is doing.  You could talk to your staff and check in on their lives.  Some of them may be going through some rough times and helping others may get your mind off your own issues.  It also helps build relationship between you and your staff.

 Find something fun to do

Make a game or competition with your staff.  If you are in a sale business then set out a fun reward like a gift card or something for the person to make the most sales.  If you are in a different environment you could reward your staff for finishing a project early.  What ever you do make it fun.  I like to drive competition through smack talking.

Whatever you do remember that you are the leader.  You have people that look up to you and are taking queues from you.  Make sure that what you are showing them is how you want them to behave when they have issues.  As a manager your job is to help develop your staff.  You alone create the atmosphere in your business.  Make the change today and commit to make a difference.


Target Markets

Who are you selling to?

Bernie owns a food truck and frequents downtown Seattle.  His business is going ok.  He has enough to pay his 2 employees, purchase product, and pay himself a small salary.  His taco truck is nothing special and he parks next to several other taco trucks.  Lately, he has noticed that the lines going to the other trucks seem to be longer than his.  People seem to flock to Casey’s Crazy Huevos Rancheros, Juan’s Verde Burrito Shack, and Junita’s Tasty Taquitos.  What shocks Bernie is that he has a very diverse menu.  He serves: tacos, burritos, nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chili.  All of these items are classic lunch items.  What could he be doing wrong?

Bernie’s biggest problem is that he does not know who he is selling to (target market) or what his business is.  The reason the other trucks are so successful is that they know who they are selling too and have only a few great items.  People want to visit their trucks because they know what to expect.  Junita knows that her taquitos are the best.  She has mastered her recipe and serves a phenomenal product.  Bernie is trying to cast a large net and reel in a bunch of people.  Instead of doing a few items really well, he is using the shotgun approach and trying to hit as many targets as possible.  How can he fix this?

Bernie looked at his downtown customers and broke them into groups.  What stood out to him was a very large group of people that exit a local business at the same time each day.  He observed their behavior over the next few days and he noticed that most of them only had a 30 min lunch.  They all went towards the shortest lines because they did not have a lot of time to eat.  Bernie looked at his menu also and decided to cut out a few items and focus on just a handful.  Not only would this save time but it would lower his cost of goods.  Bernie decided that he would focus on his American menu and offer slides, bacon burgers, hot dogs, and chili.  He also started to prepare more items ahead of time to speed up his line.  Bernie’s change in menu and commitment to finding the needs of his customers paid off in the end.  He increased his business and his customers appreciated his commitment to their needs.

To find your target market you need to do some research.  You need to break your market into groups by similar buying patterns and common needs.  This will create a profile of each potential market that you can tap into.  Once you find your niche, then you can start marketing to that group of people.  Knowing your clients will make a huge impact on your business and set you apart from the rest.  Successful entrepreneurs know who they are and who they are selling too.  Take some time and look at your competition.  What are they doing different than you?  How are they reaching new customers?  What are they doing different than you?  These are just few questions to consider.  Once you make time to do this your business can change for the better like Bernie’s.


Remember Your First Love

heartWhen I think of Valentines Day I think of love and passion.  Usually that is held for a person but in business this can translate into how your feel about your company or the work that you do.

Do you still love your business or does it feel like you are just friends? Hopefully you are not to the extreme of sending a Dear John letter.  However, if you are here are some things to think about.

Think back to when you were first thinking about your company.  Before you had to put together a business plan or estimates on costs.  Remember when you first had the idea.  That was the spark.  There was a connection that happened between your heart and brain that made you both excited and scared about what you were about to do.  Deep down you felt the freedom to be your own boss and bring something forth from you to the world.  That is the memory you need to hold onto.

Take time and remember why you do what you do.  Take five minutes out of your day just to reminisce about your first love.  Maybe make a list of why you started this business.  Write down all of the things you love about you business.  Keep your list positive.  After 5 minutes read over what you wrote down. This little investment of time will make all of the difference in the world.

Once you rekindle that love then you can approach your business in a different way.  Your mind will be clear and you will start to think outside of the box.  Instead of seeing obstacles in your way you will see paths around them.




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